Lucky Dog: Rescue Pittie Gets His Own Yard, Runs Wild And Free For The First Time

From a sick and lost dog, Mia was cured, rescued and now adopted by a loving family.Her strokes of luck continued as her mom built a fence for their yard so she can finally do her favorite thing: running free.Mia enjoys loping around the yard, totally losing her mind when she did it for the first time.This pup is getting strokes of luck one after another.

Mia, a rescue Pit Bull, was once found badly sick, wandering the streets in Akron, Ohio. Fortunately, she was noticed by a kind person who took her to an emergency vet for an immediate medication.Not long after, she was taken in a rescue and was soon adopted by a loving family. And just recently, this luck magnet got her own backyard to do one of her favorite things: run and play and release that ball of energy inside her.As Mia is a very playful and silly dog, and enjoys running around, her family decided to give her a fenced-in yard where she can run wild and free.

“…when she wants to play, she usually gets a short zoomie burst of energy once or twice a day,” her mom Taylor Clapp told The Dodo. “She is very affectionate and goofy and her favorite game is tug-of-war.”

Before the family completed building the fence for their open yard, Mia had to be always on leash whenever they went outside. At times, they would allow her to play with the neighbor dog who has a fenced-in yard.

“We would also let her run in the backyard with a long leash and she would tug at it most of the time,” Taylor added.

So as soon as the fence was finished, Mia’s family got so excited to surprise Mia with it. As soon as the playful dog realized she could run free, she had totally gone crazy loping around.

“She was so excited she couldn’t handle it,” Taylor said. “I made sure to get it on video because she gets the zoomies a lot inside and we knew she would freak out when she could run in a backyard of her own. She watched us build the fence for two months and I think she knew it was for her.”

Mia’s family knows this little gift means so much to her, as she took her time to run around the yard for hours, seemingly celebrating that she finally got her own playground.

What could be this lucky dog’s next fluke? Let’s all find out.