Malamute Says “Ice Cream” When He Sees The Ice Cream Truck Coming

When the ice cream man comes to this adorable Alaskan Malamute’s neighborhood, not only does he get a creamy treat, in his excitement, he even says, “ice cream!”Everyone loves it when the ice cream truck rumbles slowly down the road, with the ice cream truck jingle singing happily from the speakers. Who can resist choosing a delicious treat? Certainly not this cute pup.

Kodi loves waiting for the ice cream truck with mom. He sits politely in the yard, certainly hearing the ice cream man jingle long before he sees the truck. As the ice cream man slowly cruises the neighborhood, getting closer, Kodi starts getting excited.Finally, he can see the truck is on his street and in happy anticipation, he tosses his head and howls a moon-worthy yowl.

Then he clearly asks for what he wants, “ice cream!” This is obviously not Kodi’s first time getting ice cream from the ice cream man. And, we’re sure it’s not going to be his last.

Mom has Kodi safely on his leash as the two wait for the truck reach their house. As the truck gets closer and slows wayyyyy down, only then does Kodi’s mom let go of his leash so he can run up and greet his friend, who is used to their ritual and careful to keep Kodi safe.

Before choosing his flavor, Kodi runs the truck door to say hi then whips around the side of the truck as if he’s going to read the menu. The ice cream man and Kodi are buds so Kodi gets lots of pets before he helps mom choose a flavor.

Will it be a cone or sandwich? What does Kodi want today? Well his friendly ice cream man is looking out for his friend and suggests a sandwich since the ice cream is hard that day. But we’re sure Kodi doesn’t mind. He doesn’t seem like the picky type of pup.

Mom orders for Kodi and of course, he never gets chocolate. We’re sure he enjoyed his treat and could not be more adorable. What a sweet pup he is and deserves an ice cream once in a while, especially since he can say it.