Mama Dog Overjoyed To Reunite With Puppies Taken From Her

Love Furry Friends rescue received a call about a litter of puppies dumped on the side of the road. Although their shelter overcrowded and they couldn’t take them right away (given limited resources available to them) they left food for the puppies with plans to come back the next day.

But they noticed one puppy wasn’t eating and looked sad so they took him and brought him to the vet where he was treated. The rescuers also posted about their discovery online and that’s when they heard from a family who said they recognized the puppies!

The family had been taking care of the puppies’ stray mother after she gave birth in their yard. A disgruntled neighbor stole the puppies from the mama, who was left distraught and crying for her lost young ones. Rescuers asked the woman who was taking care of the dog family to come along to pick the puppies up and she confirmed they were the ones she had been caring for.

So they took the puppies and went to find the mama. The mama dog was close to where the family lived and she recognized her benefactor.

Rescuers noticed the mama was scared to approach so they left the puppies in the hatch of their van and stepped away so the mama wouldn’t be scared to approach.

She ran up to the car and sniffed her tail tentatively wagging as she slowly recognized that all her puppies were there!

The mama was so happy to be reunited with her pups followed the family into their garage to care for her pups!

Later, at Love Furry Friends’ shelter the mama and all her puppies (including the one at the vet) are all together again.

And in more good news news, the mama will be returning to live with the wonderful family who helped her. And Love Furry Friends Rescue will find the puppies homes.