Mama Husky Teaches Her Puppies To Howl With Adorable Coaching Session

Mama knows best, and as young ones we need to look to our parents for wisdom and life lessons. And it’s no different in the animal kingdom. Maternal instincts are intrinsic to lead and teach the offspring, and those babies know where to turn when in need.

And a good life lesson for dogs? Learning to howl! In the video below, the mama Husky thinks it’s about time her puppies learn how. So she starts off the session with a howl of her own, and before long a chorus of tiny little howls erupts in the cutest way. And it was all caught on video!

About halfway through, they all go quiet for a moment when a little guy decides to start it right back up again!

This sparks a whole new Husky howling session, and it’s clear they’re getting the hang of this rather quickly.