Man Adopts Homeless Mutt Only To Realize Her Mix When She Gets Older

It was difficult to tell as a pup, but as she grew up her breed became very apparent.A man heard of a homeless puppy up for adoption and decided to check her out. One look at her face, and he was stunned! Such a beautiful dog, but he couldn’t figure out what breed she was…He brought the fluffy stray home and named her Phoebe.

She was an amazing dog with a great personality. But he never knew exactly what type of dog she was……until she got a little bit older. It was then that he realized Phoebe is a Husky/Golden Retriever mix!As she gets older and older, it’ll become more and more apparent. She’ll probably look a lot like this guy!

Another example of a Husky/Golden Retriever mix.

Not as fluffy as Phoebe, but those eyes!

Isn’t Phoebe just a beautiful pup?? What a special rescue she turned out to be!