Man Caught Cat In The Neighbor’s Bed!

Michael Hubank’s neighbor moved out and put the house on sale, so he curiously checked it out online.To his surprise, the picture slideshow showed his cat Freddy taking a nap on the neighbor’s bed!Hubank tweeted about the funny incident, which got more than 371,000 likes and hilarious replies.Oops! It is not what you are thinking, but a cat was caught sleeping in the neighbor’s bed by his dad — and he found out on an online real estate slideshow.

The cat dad finally answered what owners often wonder — what their cats are usually up to or where they go when they are out of sight.Not only did he find it funny, but when he tweeted about it, more than 371,000 Twitter users also found it hilarious!Michael Hubank detailed in his tweet that when his neighbor moved out and put their house on sale, he curiously checked it out. And boy was he surprised.

For who could be there comfortably lounging on the neighbor’s bed in the middle of the picture slideshow but his pet tabby, Freddy!

And it looked like he has been getting his sleep there for quite some time now.

The tweet got some amusing replies from other pet owners who shared their own experiences of catching their pets spending some time with their neighbors. Some also shared how they found other cats inside their homes.

But these questions that one Twitter user asked certainly spoke for a majority of cat owners: “How do all of these cats get into other people’s houses? Do they have a key or a special code?” We’re just as perplexed as you are!

Hubank assured everyone that Freddy got home safe and sound. His dad made a follow-up tweet to let everyone know that the sneaky feline is okay. He tweeted a photo of him and sleepy-eyed fluffy Freddy with the caption, “Home again. For now…”

The next time Hubank can’t see Freddy taking a long nap or knocking things from the counter in his home, he can check the real estate listing again. As for Freddy, sleep tight until your next adventure!