Man Comes Across A Scared Kitten Hugging A Truck Tire And Scoops Her Up

A man was at work when he saw a scared kitten clinging to a truck tire outside of his office. He knew he couldn’t leave her like that and knew exactly whom to call — his wife!It turned out the mother ran away, and there were no other kittens around. So Reddit user JustAnotherGoodGuy sent his wife a picture and asked if they could keep her…

“The mama kitty ran off and… ditched the kitten.”“My husband sent this picture and said, ‘Can I bring it home?’”“Who could say no to that face?”They took it to the vet and “that’s how [they] found she’s a she.”“[Axel] has made herself right at home with our 19 year old cat and 2 year old dog. She’s safe, sound, warm, and… loved.”

There are still good people in this world!