Man Knew His Wife Loves Animals But Didn’t Know How Much Until They Started Living Together

Chris always knew that Gabi loves animals ever since they were in college.
But she didn’t have any idea how much until they decided to live together.
They joined a foster program and have taken care of so many animals in their eight years of being together.
When Chris and Gabi Vannini first met each other in college, they were staying at their respective dormitories that didn’t allow pets.

But still Gabi was able to keep a hermit crab she named Holden and since Chris always accompanied Gabi to volunteer at an animal shelter, he knew that she loved animals even then, and so did he — he just didn’t know how much she’s into them until they decided to live together.The first time they moved under the same roof together, they got their first adopted dog named Snoopy right away. Gabi also convinces Chris often that they sign up and become foster parents.

He was hesitant initially but he still agreed — and later on, their humble home is filled with animals that needed help!

“He says that while we were definitely a dog household, he didn’t quite process how crazy things were going to get,” Gabi told The Dodo.

Now, for eight years that Chris and Gabi have been married, there were about more than 400 animals that had passed through their home. Currently they are taking care of 14 animals, and the most number of foster pets they had was 17.

“We have six dogs and a tripod cat who is convinced he’s a dog,” Gabi said. “We do have the six rats, they’re not technically ours (they belong to my work) but they are long-term residents. We do have a long-term seventh dog with us at the moment, with us for training/showing.”

Over the years, Gabi seldom would say no to a pet in need. Sometimes they would plan to put on hold their fostering but they would often find an animal in need for shelter and they always end up becoming foster parents again.

“We fostered a mom and puppies, a dog with severe bite wounds, one with an eye problem, several that were so fearful they couldn’t be touched and several others that were mentally and physically OK after vet care, but needed a place to stop along their journey to their new homes,” Gabi said. “I was dealing with health issues at the time and wasn’t able to drive. So Chris did all of it, in addition to working remotely for his job as a football reporter, and in addition to driving me to work every day and whatever various doctor’s appointments I needed to go to. Never hesitated. He knew this was an extraordinary situation.”

While it may seem crazy and chaotic to think a house filled so many animals at the same time, we are sure that their home is also filled with so much love!

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