Man Learns Spanish Because His Dog Can’t Understand English

A man, known as girthbrooks1994 on social media, received a dog for free.He was trying to teach the bulldog some English commands, to which the pup had given no reaction.Girth later learned that the pet could only understand Spanish!A man received an English bulldog for free, only to find out that he couldn’t understand English.It took him a while to figure out why his pet wasn’t obeying his commands. But when he did, the proud dog owner never stopped learning the language for his dog’s sake.

The fur dad, who calls himself girthbrooks1994, shared a video of his pet finally responding when he spoke Spanish words — and the post has gone viral since then, gaining more than five million views!Girth’s TikTok account has since been dedicated to the “Spanish” bulldog, engaging other users in his feed. He put on his bio: “Proud Owner of The Worlds Famous Spanish Bulldog Señor Snax.”

In the now-viral video, Girth said: “These  gave me this goddamn dog for free, only to find out it speaks Spanish. Come here Snax!”

He followed through with some commands, such as “dame la mano” and “siéntate,” which mean give me your hand and sit down.

Girth has shared multiple videos as he learned new Spanish commands. The dog lover from Hobbs, New Mexico has favorite phrases, including “bien boy,” “dame la mano,” and “tacuache.”

He later added: “He’s a bien boy and very spoiled. He’s a blessing.”

Many users have commented on the video. One said: “It’s even cooler you took the time to learn the commands in Spanish.” Another said, “English bulldog? No. Spanish bulldog.”

Apparently, Girth was not the only person who got a dog that only understands Spanish. HilaryAsher was wondering why her parents’ foster dog doesn’t respond to basic English commands. Soon, she discovered that the pet can only understand Spanish.

Hilary shared a clip to TikTok, saying: “My parents are fostering a dog that only responds to her name, but no other commands so I tried something.“

The girl filmed herself calling the chihuahua, named Amelia, saying “come here,” before switching to “sientarse.”

The phrase means sit down in Spanish, and Amelia immediately responded to the command.

“Oh my god the dog understands Spanish, no wonder why she didn’t know what the word sit meant in English. She has no idea, she speaks Spanish,” Hilary said.

More than 18 million people have watched the lightbulb moment, with one follower commenting: “Imagine having to learn Spanish for your dog.”

The video has also gained the netizens’ interest, with one comment saying: “Omg I’ve never seen a dog understand Spanish.”