Man Looks Outside To See A Moose Going For A Swim In His Pool

Paul Koch and his wife were making breakfast one morning when they looked outside of their home in Ottawa, Canada, to see an animal struggling in the swimming pool. It was a moose who’d become tangled in the solar cover and needed help.Paul rushed outside to pull the cover away from the moose who then continued swimming and paddling around for a bit.

She seemed to be enjoying herself and doing the thing she originally set out to do, but the couple was concerned the wild moose may not be able to find her way back out. So they called the police and wildlife services.They didn’t want to administer a tranquilizer while she was still in the water, and it turned out the moose just needed a little more time.

She found her way out and jumped over the fence after three-and-a-half hours in the pool!

The police came back later to say that they saw the moose safely go back into the woods. She was unharmed, but the pool was left a little worse for wear with two hoof-sized holes in the bottom!