Man Rescues German Shepherd Living In The Woods, Reunites Him With Family

One day, Jim Phillips noticed a dog hanging around his farm. He would see the dog day after day, but he never would come to him.“We had a German Shepard hanging around our farm for several days, staying in the woods but not wanting to approach. While having some work done on our porch, he came up to talk with the workers.”

“We had been leaving food at the tree line. We provided a makeshift bed at the front door and provided water and food for several more days. He had been fixed and we figured he was chipped.”“On Friday our daughter took him to the vet. Yep, a chip. The chip company was reluctant to provide the information to the vet because the account was closed???? They finally gave in our vet the info.”

“The dog’s family lives about 300 miles away. Not sure exactly how the dog got here. The family was VERY happy to know their Murphy had been found. The family was going to have their dad, who lives in a nearby town, pick up Murphy.”

“I feel Murphy was visiting with his grandparents and got loose. We are glad he is home but sad he is not with us. Murphy is well mannered and gets along with all.”

Jim Phillips loves stories about families finding and being reunited with their lost pets and he’s happy that he has his very own story to share.