Man Saved Injured Fox And Now Has A New Best Friend

This is the moment a red fox was saved after being found on the side of the road, badly injured and riddled with illness.
In stepped in The Fox Project who were left with a dilemma, they couldn’t let him return to the wild.So they had two choices, put him down or try and find him a home. The latter would prove difficult as he was a wild animal. Enter Mike Trowler.

Mike, who is a retired engineer was already impressed by foxes behaviors due to his experience in dealing with them in the past.
Mike took the fox who he named Cropper home and helped nurse him back to health with the plan to release him back into the wild when he was ready.Mike had taken care of injured foxes and orphaned fox cubs in the past.

Mike took care of Cropper with lots of love, patience and of course determination, and after a short while, it seemed that Cropper had fully integrated into the family.

He loved playing with the other pets, he stole food from the dog’s dish, playfighted with the cats and loved curling up with Mike.

The pair quickly formed a very unlikely yet strong friendship!

Unfortunately, after six very happy years, Cropper passed away and another fox in need called Jack moved in with Mike.

He is adorable and loves watching TV with Mike, playing and taking a bath in the sink.

See Mike and Jack together

Mike says that foxes should not be kept as pets unless they have health problems and can’t return back to the wild.

What an amazing man!