Man Spends $ 35,000 To Turn His Home Into A Perfect Playground For His 18 Cats

The home we are going to show you in this post is a real paradise for felines, but we frankly didn’t have idea that something like this could ever exist.A man from California, owner of 18 cats, decided to make his home a perfect playground for his little furry friends.

The house features all kinds of walkways, ramps and platforms you could ever imagine, and if you are a cat owner you know for sure how much your cat loves to walk in equilibrium on the shelves, dangerously passing by all the objects you carefully placed on them.

The owner of this house kinda solved the problem spending $ 35,000 to give his cats all the space they needed to have fun and satisfy their exploring needs.

In case you are wondering, this paradise for cats was installed by Trillium Enterprises, a construction company based in Santa Barbara.