Man Takes His Dog To The Groomer And Never Returns For Her

A pit bull named Eva was dropped off at a grooming salon in Queens, and it would be her home for the next three years. Her owner claimed the building manager no longer allowed him to keep the dog in his apartment, so he left her with the groomer.Eva lived in a small cubicle with only the occasional visit from her owner to look forward to.

But then he stopped coming altogether. He also stopped paying for her boarding.Sam Taylor heard about Eva’s situation from a friend and couldn’t believe it. He knew he had to do something to help the 4-year-old dog.The groomers did everything they could to care for Eva since being abandoned; they fed her, walked her, and got her vaccinated.

But time and resources were limited. The employees would spend time with the dog while on breaks, but at night she was left in the basement alone.

Eva is always happy to see people the next day and is so sweet and gentle despite everything she’s been through. She just hasn’t been able to socialize with other animals much.

Sam had been reaching out to local animal rescues, but none of them had any room for Eva. He is now trying to find Eva a forever home, one with someone with the time, patience, and experience to help her learn what it’s like to be a dog.

If interested, you can send an email to or message Sam Taylor on Instagram.