Man Volunteers To Walk Some Shelter Dogs And Ends Up Buying Them All Dog Beds

When Stuart Edge volunteered to walk some dogs at an animal shelter, his heart was touched by the uncomfortable conditions the dogs were living in so he did something about it.Stuart Edge is a long way from his old job of cleaning porta-potties and now spends his life trying to inspire positivity. On this day, not only did he inspire people, he touched the lives of a bunch of shelter dogs for the better.

In this video, Stuart wanted to share what it would be like to volunteer to walk some dogs at an animal shelter. When he got there, he was moved at the conditions that the dogs were living in. Deciding to do something about it, he went to the pet store and bought a ton of dog beds so that the pup’s lives could be more comfortable.

Once his car was loaded down with beds, he called up some of his friends and asked them to help walk the dogs and deliver the beds. Of course they were happy to help and the group met up to take the shelter dogs out for a walk in the fresh air before distributing them.

On this super nice day, they all look like they’re all having such a good time enjoying some green grass and sunshine. Obviously, they are enjoying the outdoors and just getting to be a dog away from the shelter.

Once done, they set out to put a bed in each kennel. The dogs seem to appreciate their new beds so much and immediately figure out where they are used for. It’s so sweet to see the dogs snuggling up on their new comfy beds!

We love this video and what Stuart and his friends did for these dogs. Please remember, all shelter dogs need some basic comforts while they wait for their forever homes.