Meet Chanel, The Tiny Horse That Is Smaller Than Her Dog Family


Chanel is a bit different from her siblings; they’re all pups, and she happens to be a very tiny little horse.But despite their differences, they all love each other very much.Chanel was adopted into the family shortly after being born. The sweet little girl was born with a form of dwarfism and was sadly rejected by her birth mother.

Her mother’s owner then contacted Josh Dolan and Jenn Stribl who are the founders of The Peeps Foundation – a foundation dedicated to rescuing miniature horses.Dolan and Strible agreed to take care of little Chanel, and suddenly the little horse found herself part of their loving family.

One of her new siblings, a sweet labrador named Huckleberry, took a particularly strong liking to his new little sister and has made sure that Chanel feels like one of the gang.

And even though Chanel is smaller than her siblings, she loves to run around and play with them, and she loves her whole family so much.

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