Meet Marley, The Sheep Who Thinks He’s A Dog

Marley has led quite a sheltered life for a sheep. Orphaned as a newborn, he was adopted by Ali Vaughan and her family when he was just a month old.The shaggy Valais Blacknose Valley sheep developed a joint infection soon after and required daily care. As he recovered in the Vaughan’s kitchen, Marley learned that indoor life suited him quite nicely.

He also bonded with the family’s black lab, Jess, and began to pick up some distinctly canine behaviors!Marley is now 6-months-old, and although he dislikes cold weather (plus wind, rain and grass), he is learning to adjust to outdoor life as a “proper” sheep with the help of his equally wooly pal, a brown Ryeland named Bear.

“I knew we needed to get Marley a sheep companion, we want him to know he’s a sheep and to be outdoors like a sheep – after all he’s not very well house-trained,” Ali Vaughan told the Daily Mail. “We do have a barn where he should be staying where it is nice and cozy.”

He is doing his best to embrace his sheepness, but Marley still takes every opportunity to dash back inside the house. Luckily, Jess and the Vaughans visit him outside regularly!