Meet Ryujii, The Handsome And Ridiculously Cute Shiba From Japan

Among all the dog breeds, there are some that for some reason rule the internet more than others.
Corgis, Pugs and Shibas are three of the most appreciated breeds on the web, with countless photos and memes with them as subjects.

Ryuji is a popular Shiba Inu from Japan, with an impressive Instagram following of more than 220,000 people. He is a playful and friendly 8-year-old dog, but what made him so popular is probably his handsomeness, and the amount of his facial expressions, that make him incredibly cute.

It’s almost impossible to look at his pictures without feeling the desire to hug this little fur ball.

Take a look at some of Ryuji’s photos in the gallery below, and don’t forget to head to his Instagram to stay up to date about his adventures.