Meet The Rescue Puppy That Has Cute ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

Rescuer, Jen Deane got a call about a litter of 5-week-old puppies who had been abandoned by their humans and were placed in a public shelter. Jen knew she had to take action to assure the precious pups were saved and adopted out to loving homes.Jen planned to pick up the puppies and take them for a checkup with a vet.

Something she has done before. What she wasn’t expecting was something that she hadn’t seen before. All of the puppies were tan in color and all had big, pointy ears. But one was different. This one had ears that looked just like tiny little cinnamon rolls! The ears roll inward towards each other and end up looking like little tan roses.

Jen is the president of a rescue called ‘The Pit Sisters” and she stated that the pup’s unique ears are something she’s never seen and that they make the puppy she aptly named Cinnamon even more adorable.

When Jen posted Cinnamon’s photos on social media, a lot of people fell in love with her and her ears. People compared them to Princess Leia’s buns and “Victory Rolls,” which is a hairstyle made popular by Hollywood starlets in the 1940s.

Cinnamon’s ears quickly caused her photos to go viral and they were liked and shared by thousands of people. Which was a good thing. The publicity helped get her and her siblings adopted!

Cinnamon is healthy, safe and happy with her new family. She has 3 canine brothers and sisters to keep her company and she’s living the good life and rocking those distinctive ears everywhere she goes!