Missing Adventurous Cat Found Thousands Of Miles Away From Home!

Panda is a naturally adventurous cat but one day he got lost.He did not come home for days and his family was worried.
Only recently, he was found in Alaska — thousands of miles away from where he lives in Washington state.A cat got lost from home one day and her family couldn’t believe the great adventure she got herself into.

Panda, a black and white cat who lives from Washington state went missing on October 8. Her mom, Christina Clevenger, shrugged it off initially, because Panda was naturally an adventurous cat. He usually wanders around their 40-acre property, and she thought he must be just nearby.But it has been days and Panda was still not coming home. So Christina and her husband started looking for him.

“We had about a dozen people helping us look for some sort of sign or clue, like if he ended up getting caught by a coyote,” Christina told TODAY.

On October 11, they decided to take it into social media, because there was no trace of Panda around their property and the neighborhood.

She posted his photos on Facebook, but still the cat was not found.

About two weeks later, someone in the family finally found Panda! A Facebook post confirmed he was alive and okay — but he was thousands of miles away from home!

“My husband’s aunt is the one who actually found the post … she came running down to our property and asked me, ‘What color collar was Panda wearing?’” Christina said. “And I said a bright green one. And she turns her phone around and goes, ‘Isn’t this Panda?’”

“I was holding my daughter’s little Chihuahua, and I hate to say this, but it’s true, I ended up dropping the little Chihuahua, and my phone,” she recalled. “I instantly started bawling. … The fact that she turned the phone around and he was right there, I lost it. I was emotional for the whole day.”

After reading the details of the post, she realized Panda was in Alaska. She believed he accidentally got onto a truck or a boat that delivers products into the Home Depot in Kenai where he was found.

United Angels — an organization that rescues animals — has already taken steps to get the cat back home even before the Clevengers found out about his whereabouts.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for (United Angels), we would probably have not gotten Panda back, because there were so many hoops to jump through,” Christina expressed her thanks to the group.

After a long and expensive process of getting Panda home, he was finally able to see his family again — but he’s grounded!

“He’s spending all of his time inside,” she said. “I learned my lesson the hard way … He got grounded permanently. We gave him more toys to play with; he gets more treats. He’s more spoiled than he ever was.”