Mom Builds Doggy Mansion In The Backyard For Her 3 Spoiled Pups

A California woman tore down a shed in her backyard revealing a concrete foundation, and that’s when the idea struck her to build a doggy mansion in its place. “Barkingham Palace” would take some work, but it’d totally be worth it in the end!Victoria Palmer and her father have built things together in the past and love to do home improvement projects, so she figured this would be perfect for their next project.

Bruiser the Chihuahua, Marvin the Shepherd mix, and The Fuzz the Pomeranian couldn’t wait!They started drawing up the plans, and things got a little carried away — in a good way. Before they knew it, an amazing doggy mansion full of charm with its classic Victorian details graced the backyard.

The two-story house with a grand staircase, portraits, and balconies gives the three dogs the perfect place to hang out and take it all in.

See more of Barkingham Palace by visiting The Fuzz Instagram page.