Mom Catches Her Daughter And The Dog Doing Laundry Together

Rhany Christo asked her daughter, Taysa, to bring in the floor mats that had been drying outside after being washed. She wouldn’t be able to grab them all at once without setting them on the dirty ground, and instead of carrying them inside one by one, she enlisted some help.And that help came in the form on the loving family dog Lassye!

Mom happened to look outside and saw the dog lending a paw to the cause. By placing each mat on the dog one by one, they wouldn’t touch the ground and the girl could pick them up all at once to bring inside. Genius!What a smart idea by the clever girl! As the two finished up the chore, the family’s other dog, Paçoca, could be seen supervising from the side.

These dogs aren’t just great helpers, they’re the little girl’s best friends and companions for life!