Mom gets pregnant with triplets only to have them born in different decades

A set of triplets in the United States were born different decades. They were born five days, 12 hours and 34 minutes, apart.That means mom Kaylie DeShane has seemingly set a world record for the longest interval between the birth of triplets. The beaming mother gave birth to one of her three triplets on December 28, 2019.

The other two babies followed and were born after five days on January 2.The chances of triplets surviving are quite low.There is usually one having a nine per cent chance of making it after 22 weeks but Kaylie’s three babies are now miraculously 17 months old.

On December 28, 2019, Cian was prematurely born at 22 weeks. The other two didn’t immediately follow their sibling. Cian’s birth was premature, so the doctors wanted to keep the other two babies inside of their mother for as long as possible.

Then on January 2, 2020, Kaylie went into labor, finally giving birth to Rowan and Declan.

“After trying to fall pregnant four years, with my husband, Brandon, 35, we decided to try IVF. We already have an adopted son, Holden, seven, and a step-daughter, Naveah, 12, but we wanted a sibling for them. We decided to place two embryos rather than just one because we thought we would have a better chance of having a baby,” Kaylie shared.

“We were told that there was a ten per cent chance of it ending up being twins and a one per cent chance of it being a triplet pregnancy.” the mother of three continued.

As it it turned out, the couple were going to have triplets.
The now happy couple first had to face an agonizing ordeal of surgeries, infections, hospital stays and heartache.

It was all worth it since all their fighting resulted in three healthy, record-breaking babies.

Just look at how cute those three are!
Kaylie’s six-week scan revealed a set of identical twins . The chances of the couple having triplets was just 1.7%.

“I started crying,” Kaylie said, “because the [IVF] clinic had told us that we couldn’t carry three.”

The couple faced a difficult start with a lot of questions surrounding the future health of their babies. Kaylie did have an easy pregnancy for the first few months.

“I didn’t have any symptoms, I never got sick – I actually felt great. I loved being pregnant because I wanted to be pregnant so badly.”
Throughout the pregnancy and up to before she gave birth, the couple faced so many challenges and scares but they all made it together.

They both faced four months of unthinkable distress and heartache.

Kaylie and Brandon bravely fought and after awhile, they finally had all their babies home.

Cian was the last to be discharged. The baby had to spend a total of 122 days in the hospital.

After bringing the triplets home, the babies were introduced to the rest of their family including adopted older brother Holden and stepsister Naveah.

Talk about a record breaking miracle full of love and hope.

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