Mom Gives Birth At Home And Her Corgi Never Leaves Her Side, Supporting Her The Entire Time

Kristin Waner, a photographer based in Odessa, Texas, specializing in newborn, birth, and maternity photography, considers herself lucky to have witnessed the one-of-a-kind birth session of Brooke Ellington who had a special doula, a corgi named Ranger. Brooke’s Family holds a special place in Kristin’s heart, since this was’t the first time she’s photographed Brooke during labor and giving birth.

The previous time there was Ryder, Brooke’s Corgi, assisting her like a doula during the birth of her first child Boyd, while this time it was the turn of Ranger the Corgi to assist Brooke during the birth of Berkeley.
All throughout these difficult moments, Kristin witnessed in first person Ranger being by his mom’s side, comforting her during labor and birth pains.

Just like Ryder, Ranger would show his love and care by letting Brooke hug him, kiss him, and just provide a calming presence for Brooke whenever she had contractions.

From the bed, to the birthing tub, until he finally got to see his human sister, Ranger made sure he was doing his best to support for the family being a good boy. Luckily, Kristin took as many pictures as she could of such a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and now we can all get a glimpse of how it’s like to have a Corgi as a doula. Scroll down to view Kristin’s beautiful work and Ranger’s adorable support. If you want to see more, head on to Kristin’s website and don’t forget to check out her Facebook page.

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Kristin’s first experience with a doula dog was with Ryder, her first Corgi. He was with Brooke when she gave birth to her second baby, Boyd, volunteering as a huggable furry companion to somehow ease her mom’s pain.

Through indoors and outdoors, he was there to share the special moment with the family.

Unfortunately, Ryder passed away before Brooke gave birth to her 3rd child, Berkeley. This time it was the turn of another loving Corgi, Ranger.

Ranger couldn’t hide his excitement from the beginning until the end. He was part of the welcoming party when Kristin arrived, and he immediately got back to Brooke’s side when the labor began.

Kristin knew she couldn’t let any of these precious moments slip, so she made sure to capture every moment.

Whenever Ranger felt that Brooke was in deep pain, he would run to her, and his presence would calm the intensity of each contraction.

When it was time to move to the birthing tub, Brooke even had a harder time.

Though Brooke’s husband and her doula Jenny were there to monitor her status, Ranger knew a doggo’s kiss could ease the tension of the moment.

He also knew when they needed space, but made sure to stay close, just in case his presence was needed.

He waited patiently, but when it was finally time…

… He rushed to see Brooke’s baby, and he was thrilled to find out that he was blessed with a sister.

He stayed there every single moment, checking that the baby was safe and sound.

Ranger was a silent but essential presence.

Compared to the previous time, Kristin said this one was a lot harder for Brooke. However, with Ranger by her side, the process was evidently a little more bearable.

The look on Ranger’s face shows how excited he is to get to know her more, and he wouldn’t even let her out of his sight.

When Kristin showed Brooke some preview photos, she was surprised of how Ranger was emotionally involved in the situation.

Kristin was overwhelmed after seeing all the photos. She knows she’s lucky to have witnessed Ranger’s unconditional love for his pack. Now, Brooke’s family will definitely be even happier with its newest member, and of course with Ranger, a loving, and caring good boy, destined to be their forever furry buddy.

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