Mom Sets Up Camera To See What The Bulldogs Do When Left Home Alone

Mom sets up a hidden camera in the living room to see what the dogs do while she’s at work. Elvis and Khaleesi are two spoiled rotten Bulldogs, and their owners always leave the TV on for them. Let’s just say that they really get into it!“As usual I left the TV turned on for them. Big mistake…”

Mom and dad know that their Bulldogs love watching TV, but they had no idea a movie that would spark such a reaction would come on just a few hours after leaving. You have to wonder what the neighbors are thinking during this!It amazes me that they can pick out the cat and dog on the screen so easily!

I also find it amusing how one dog is active and pretty much attacking the TV while the other chooses to bark from the comfort of the couch.

These two sure are entertaining!