Monkey Adopts Kitten And Loves It Like It’s Her Own Baby

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and apparently species if these two pals are any indication.Deep in the heart of Bali, Indonesia, you’ll find the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, also known as the Ubud Monkey Forest. The sanctuary is home and natural habitat for 1,049 Balinese Long Tailed monkeys.

The Balinese Long Tailed Monkeys, also known as crab eating macaques. They are intelligent, lively primates with a long history of attracting visitors to the sanctuary. They share strong family bonds and live in social groups. Due to their social groupings, it’s not unusual for them to help raise offspring that are not their own.

These adorable monkeys attract approximately 10,000 visits to the Sacred Monkey Forest each month. It was one such visitor who was able to capture these images of the special relationship between a monkey and a kitten.

Anne Young took the photographs of a spotted ginger kitten being tenderly cuddled by a monkey who appeared to adopt the kitty as her own. The monkey holds the kitten as if it were her own baby and the kitten seems to love it.

The monkey carries her kitten friend around the sanctuary and supports her tiny kitty bottom just as any good momma would. She protects the kitten from other monkeys who get too close.

The pictures of her hugging her kitten are more than adorable and clearly show the close bond the primate and the feline share. Obviously the two are happily inseparable.

No one seems to know how the two came to meet or how the kitten came to be at the refuge but its clear the monkey is happy to have her little friend.