Neighbors Build Doggy Door In Fence So Their Dogs Can Hang Out Whenever They Want

Sometimes when there’s so much love between two people, they need to add a new member to their family to just absorb that overflow of love. This was the case for Hailee Graham and her husband. They found a new family member in the form of an adorable puppy with four legs and a wet nose.

Potate, or Tate, was a stray puppy living on the streets before the couple found her. Fate wasn’t on Tate’s side during the earlier years of her life, but when the Grahams adopted him, her luck started to turn around.Just when Tate had settled in with her new family, she became aware of a presence just beyond their fences.

That presence turned out to be the next door neighbor’s dog, Vernon. Although there was a tall fence between them, the two dogs knew that just beyond that border a friendship awaited both of them.

Fed up with the mystery and excitement of meeting the dog on the other side of the fence, Vernon and Tate started digging a tunnel under it. Their owners tried to make them stop, but the two dogs wouldn’t have any of it.

Thinking of a way to save her fence and to keep her beloved dog happy, Hailee thought of setting a playdate for the two dogs. But in a stroke of brilliance, a better idea came up to her mind, a doggy door.

Hailee had her dad install a doggy door in their fence so that the two dogs could play whenever they wanted without having to dig a hole or involve their owners.

Since the doggy door turned out so well for them, Hailee hopes that this would encourage other people to be more open and friendly with their neighbors.

With a loving family and a best friend she can visit any time she wants, Tate couldn’t feel any more happy and content.

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