Neighbors Talk Through Their Windows Using Signs And Exchanging Pets’ Names

While in a stay-at-home order, Izzie wanted to know the name of her neighbor’s cat, so she posted a sign on her window asking the name of the cat.She then got a reply that the cat’s name is David Bowie and when she shared it on the internet, people think it’s really cute.
Later on, Lizzie got another reply through the window from a neighbor saying their cat is named Vanilla Ice, so sweet!
While social distancing is in place to limit our contacts thus preventing the further spread of COVID-19, it certainly won’t stop us from getting connected with others.

People have also become really creative with their approach to meet friends despite the stay-at-home order. Just like what Lizzie Bartelt from New York, did to get to be friends for the first time with her neighbor and his cat. Their friendship started in a very unique way when Lizzie posted a sign on her window.Written in black marker, the sign says: “Hi! What is the white cat’s name?”After a few hours, Lizzie looked outside and saw her neighbors reply in the same manner he pasted it on the window.

She learned that the adorable white cat’s name is David Bowie. Lizzie just had to share that awesome quick convo on the internet and we are so glad she did because it brought joy to so many people.

David Bowie’s dad, Chris Towers, also shared some photos of the amazing exchange in his own social media account.

Of course, David Bowie has to be present in the pictures too! After all, he was the reason why this incredible encounter had happened in the first place. In the photo, he was looking very cute while facing towards the direction of Lizzie’s apartment.

HI! I’m your neighbor that wrote the sign!

Chris found Lizzie’s social media and thanked her for spreading such good vibes to the world. “When this is all over, we’ll have to meet for real!” he said.

But that’s not all! Later on, another neighbor below Chris’ apartment also posted a reply to her sign and it wrote their cat’s name is Vanilla Ice!

Isn’t that amazing?! It totally is and everybody agrees!

This exchange of conversation however simple means how small things and small gestures can affect people in great ways. So let us keep it positive and inspiring always!

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