Nervous Kitten Got Through Scary Vet Visit With The Help Of His Favorite Stuffed Dragon


Ponyo the kitten was able to brave through a scary visit to the vet thanks to his beloved stuffed animal, Dragon.To alleviate Ponyo’s fears, Dragon underwent the same procedure right beside Ponyo.The two pals are now safely back at home — enjoying the best adventures life has to offer.Visits to the vet can get scary, especially for little pets. Fortunately for Ponyo, his favorite stuffed dragon is there to protect him.

Ponyo was living as a stray kitten when she was found by Violet Smart and her family near their Florida home.After going through so much, Ponyo deserved some comfort. So aside from giving him their love, Violet also made sure to give him a fluffy companion.Samantha, Violet’s mom, told Bored Panda, “My daughter Violet spent a while picking out the perfect friend for him to sleep with and settled on Dragon.”

Ponyo has since been inseparable with Dragon. “He sleeps with Dragon every night and spends a lot of his time dragging him around the house,” shared Samantha.

Dragon was also there to comfort Ponyo during a particularly scary visit to the vet.

Ponyo had needed a full appointment, including a neutering surgery, so he had to draw some courage from his fluffy BFF.

Operations director Melissa Jenkins said, “We all noticed his sweet dragon friend in the carrier with him. So we put the dragon in the kennel with him. Ponyo hid behind the dragon at first and clearly took comfort in it.”

To alleviate Ponyo’s fears, the kind vets applied the same procedure to Dragon right beside Ponyo.

The clinic also made sure to document and share the adorable journey on Facebook.

Melissa shared, “As Ponyo was waking up from anesthesia, he meowed and was understandably confused, so we made sure his dragon was close by to offer him some comfort.”

The two pals are now safely back at home.

Thank you, Dragon — and the Smart family — for making sure Ponyo was not alone during his vet visit. We’re sure he’ll be spending a happy future with his beloved family.

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