Once Severely Neglected, Sweet Dog Experiences Instant Love By New Family

Like so many sad and neglected dogs, the little black mix named Buster lived outside all alone. He passed his days chained and endured all types of weather. He suffered health problems and had bald patches on his skin. It’s doubtful he had regular meals and fresh water.One day a PETA field worker found him and that encounter probably saved his life. His collar had become embedded in his neck and he was in need of immediate veterinary care.

Lucky for Buster his lousy owner handed him over to PETA and he was rushed to the vet. After he was treated, he was placed in a foster home to recover. Once he was strong enough, it was time to find him a forever home.One sunny day PETA delivered the sweet little dog to his new family. His new mom was moved to tears and hugged him close. From unwanted to instantly adored, Buster’s life was about to change in the happiest of ways.

Like all dog lovers, his new family believes dogs are meant to be part of the family. Living alone in the yard is now in Buster’s rear view mirror. Never again will he live chained and abandoned.

His new dad said he’s going to make sure Buster is pampered and has a good life.

Buster quickly learned to love his new home and loves running on the green grass and playing in his new backyard.

He now has people that love him, toys, good food, fresh water, and his dad is already talking about birthday and Christmas presents. What fun that will be because who doesn’t love presents?

The best part of his story is that Buster is no longer lonely and gets lots of attention.

It takes just one look at the cute little guy and it’s obvious that he’s now very happy in his new life and we couldn’t be happier for him.