One Rebel Dog Always Messes Up Their Family Photo Sessions

Hina the white Shiba Inu is the youngest of four dog siblings and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum! She lives with her mom, Yoko Kikuchi, in Hong Kong and doesn’t miss an opportunity to let her personality shine. So naturally, she’s the one who always stands out in all of the dog family photos!

Dad trained all of the dogs to know to gather and sit until pictures can be taken. And of course, Hina always has to add her own little flair!You could say she “ruins” or messes up all of the pictures, but it’s actually really funny! And why not capture the rebel dog’s true personality and spirit in these moments in time?

Hina just can’t help herself. She’s quite the actress!

Funnily, off-camera Hina is the most obedient of the pack, according to her owners!

She can walk with them without a leash and is shy around humans but loves all dogs.

You never know what reaction you’re going to get from the silly girl in each photo, and it keeps life interesting and always makes Mom’s day!

H/T – The Dodo