“Oops” Serves As Dog’s Signal For Food Scraps On The Floor

Heinz is not only a smart dog who loves food, but he is also a keen observer.Whenever Heinz hears his mom Karyn Dietz say “oops,” he knows he’s in for a treat.Apparently, every time Karyn says “oops” while in the kitchen, Heinz would rush towards her and scoop the dropped food scraps on the floor!Heinz, a smart, food-loving dog, needed to hear just one word and he knows he’s up for some treats: “Oops!”

This is the exact, daily scene at the house of Karyn Dietz, Heinz’s fur mom. Whenever they prepare food for the family, Heinz would often sit around waiting — but with a watchful eye and ear — in case his mom would drop some food scraps during her cooking and preparations.Heinz proved to be a keen observer of all the things he sees and hears.

According to Karyn, whenever she would blurt out certain expressions as “oops,” Heinz would hurry towards the kitchen so he can quickly scoop the “manna from heaven.”

“I realized a few months ago that he is triggered to at least look up or to come check for food if I say ‘oops,’ ‘dammit’ or ‘shit,’” Karyn told The Dodo. “He watches like a hawk when we eat popcorn.”

She had accidentally conditioned Heinz to look for food with the word “oops”!

Since Heinz associated these words with food, and Karyn finds it so adorable and funny, one time, she decided to record a video of Heinz and the magic word and shared it on social media.

“I set him up for this video because what actually happened moments before was, I legitimately said ‘oops,’ and he came bouldering down from upstairs,” Karyn said.

The video has since gathered many likes and, more importantly, happy reactions from the netizens!