Orphaned Baby Koala Clings To Teddy Bear For Comfort After Losing Its Mom

This is the story of a poor koala who was found all alone on a suburban driveway, who managed to find comfort in an unexpected place.
She was found, weak and dehydrated all alone on a suburban driveway in Australia. She was just a baby and her chances of survival were low. Thankfully, soon after help arrived.She was taken straight to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Queensland, Australia, which was actually founded by Steve Irwin’s parents many years ago.

She was named Lucy, and thanks to the dedicated staff at the hospital, they turned her life around. The hospital provided regular updates on Lucy’s story.The moment she arrived at the hospital, she stole everyone’s heart when she found comfort in a cute little teddy bear.“Meet Lucy, the gorgeous koala joey that is melting hearts at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital”

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote on Facebook.

Baby Koala Who Clings To Teddy

Unfortunately, as well as severe dehydration, Lucy suffered from a case of pinkeye, but thankfully she managed to fully recover.
She is now even well enough to nibble on solid foods.

We still don’t know how Lucy ended up as an orphan on the driveway, but according to the Australian Koala Foundation, around 80% of the koala’s original habitat has been destroyed through human behaviors such as deforestation.

Sleeping Baby Koala Who Clings To Teddy

This forces more koalas to live alongside humans in more urban areas.

Thankfully though, this adorable little ball of fur was found just in time and revived back to health.