Orphaned Cat Gets Adopted And Now “mothers” Her Baby Human Sister

Marley was orphaned very young and luckily she was adopted by a family in Scotland.The cat has since formed a strong bond with her new family, especially her mom.When her mom gave birth to a new baby, she became a little more protective of her little human sister.
Marley was only a few weeks old when her mom passed away after she was hit by a vehicle. She was orphaned very young and this could have affected her socialization skills.

Luckily, a family from Dundee, Scotland, adopted the little kitten and since then she has formed a tight bond with them, especially with her mom, Hilary Mudie.When Hilary became pregnant with her second baby, Marley seemed to perfectly understand and she became a little more protective of her mom. She cuddled with her a lot and focused more of her attention to the growing lump of her unborn human sibling.

Hilary found that so adorable and she started filming their sweet moments together.

“I do think that they do know that you’re pregnant, definitely,” Hilary said.

She was convinced that the kitten was actually “mothering” her human sibling even before the baby was born! When Ava finally came out to the world in June, Marley was there to protect the newborn, and snuggles with the infant a lot more often.

Marley and Ava take naps together and they look so lovely. She would never wander far from the baby and stays on the floor nearby while Ava plays. She also sleeps in her cat bed right next to Ava’s crib.

“Being quite motherly, she watches over,” Hilary said. “When she’s kind of sleeping, she’ll like lie next to her.”

Hilary decided to compile the videos she’s taken from when she was pregnant and Marley cuddling on her growing bump until Ava was born and Marley snuggling with her little sister. The result was absolutely amazing and it understandably went viral real quick!

Everyone just can’t get enough of both these little cuties and they can’t wait to see them grow up together being the best of friends!