Orphaned Kitten Looking For A Mom Meets Dog Who Lost Her Entire Litter, And Now They’re Adorable Together

They say a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.This stray dog and orphaned kitten both suffered terrible losses in their lives, but together, they found love and strength again and began to heal.The pup, Amira, tragically gave birth to an entire litter of stillborn pups and the kitten, Junior, was living all alone as an orphan on the streets of Aleppo.

But thanks to Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, these two lost souls found each other and were able to find comfort in each other.Mohammad rescued them both from a life on the streets, and at his rescue house they didn’t just find shelter, they found love and family.Mohammad has become known online as “The Cat Man of Aleppo.”This is due to his efforts to care for the cats who’ve been abandoned as a result of the war in Syria.

When Mohammed found Amira, he decided to take her to his rescue centre.

Shortly thereafter, he realized that the sweet rescue pup was pregnant.

And just a short while later, Amira gave birth.

But sadly, all her puppies were stillborn.

Amira mourned her lost babies and Mohammad’s heart broke for her.

To console her, a volunteer at the rescue gave Amira teddy bear to cuddle.

But Junior, the little orphaned kitten, had a better idea.

He knew how it felt to be alone and walked straight up to the grieving mom.

Once he reached Amira, the sweet orphan gave her a little Eskimo kiss.

And just like that, they both knew that they belonged together.

The pair became inseparable.

They napped together, cuddled together and ate together.

Amira cared for Junior like her own child, and Junior adored his adopted mom.

Together, they finally felt loved and happy again.