Outdoor-loving Dog Chomps Window Blinds To Make A Peeking Hole

Tootsie loves it outdoors but knew she couldn’t stay there all the time.Whenever she’s home, she’d just gaze longingly through the window.One day when the family left the blinds down, Tootsie made a hole through the blinds so she can do her usual thing.A once-timid dog has now grown to a “crazy nutjob” who’d do anything to gaze through the window.

About a year and a half ago, Tootsie Roll was abandoned and found in the woods. She was very shy and was scared to come out of her shell. It seemed to be a hint that she might have had a rough past.With the love of her family, Tootsie learned how to slowly break her walls, until she can finally trust them. She soon changed the way she behaves around them.

“It took some time, but she went from timid and very introverted to this crazy nutjob who chews on everything and chases everything,” Emily Dini, Tootsie’s mom, told The Dodo. “She is very vocal and will always make us laugh.”

Since then, Tootsie has been enjoying the outdoors. Whenever she couldn’t spend all her time outside, Tootsie has a way to satisfy her wish to be out of the house. She simply watched the outside world through the window.

Recently, Tootsie “accidentally” tore the curtain while looking out the window, prompting her family to replace it with blinds instead.

One day, when her family left the house, they left the blinds down. It disappointed Tootsie as she couldn’t gaze outside like she normally does. But that didn’t stop this persistent pup to continue what she loves doing: looking out.

What happened next took her mom by surprise.

When Emily came home, she saw Tootsie’s face through the window outside, which she shouldn’t be seeing with the blinds hung down. She went outside and saw a hole through the blinds, perfect for Tootsie’s face to fit in so she could watch the view outside!

“She was very proud of this hole,” Emily said. “She was barking at me through it when I arrived home to show it to me!”

The fur mom couldn’t even get mad at the thought of how much Tootsie was so excited about the ‘hole’ thing. So, she decided to keep Tootsie’s peeking hollow.

“For now, this will be her special little hole,” Emily said, adding that Tootsie has been “very protective” of it like she’s never been with anything or anyone else before.