Owner And Lost Dog Cry Happy Tears As They Reunite

Fergus the 200-pound Irish wolfhound was thrown out of a car in an accident.The dog disappeared and the owner formed a “Find Fergus” group on Facebook to help in the search.After a few days, a homeowner finds Fergus and an immediate reunion happens with both owner and pup crying tears of joy.While driving through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, Meredith Luckett’s parents met an accident. The crash threw their 200-pound Irish wolfhound family dog, Fergus, out of the car.

Limping and scared, Fergus disappeared from the crash scene. No one knew where he went and the family was in shock both from the accident and losing their beloved dog.In a desperate plea for help in looking for Fergus, Meredith took to Facebook and formed the “Find Fergus” group. And word quickly spread. As one “Find Fergus” community of 1,400 people, they scoured the area. And in just a few days, a call bearing good news came through.

Meredith wrote on Facebook, “We were contacted early this morning with word that Fergus had been found about half a mile southwest from the site of the accident.”

The caller said that she saw Fergus and when she called him, Fergus walked right into her home. Meredith immediately rushed to her home and that is where the tearful but happy longed-for reunion happened. Little did the two know that a volunteer had recorded the heartwarming scene.

While Meredith hugs and cries, Fergus also cries while wagging his tail. They both missed each other so much!

Fergus escaped unharmed from the accident with just a few bruises and cuts. Now that he is home safe, he’s being spoiled.

Until now, Meredith is amazed at the efforts of total strangers in helping Fergus and her family be back together again.

Meredith wrote on Facebook: “This reunion wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of HUNDREDS of amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly since Saturday evening to help us comb the streets and spread the word about our boy.”

Meredith expresses her eternal thanks to the Nashville community and everyone who helped in the search. She says, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!