Penelope The Dog Has A Baby Sister On The Way — And She Knows It

Penelope the dog has a human baby sister on the way, and she’s already well aware of her. The little girl won’t be born for a few more weeks, but the dog has already taken to her and showered her with lots of love.Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant and lives in Brazil with her family and Penelope.

And even though the dog hasn’t received an official pregnancy announcement, she somehow already knows there’s a little one inside of Mom.“I think she knows, yes,” Juliana told The Dodo. “She feels like there’s something different. We set up the little nursery room and she goes in and sits under the crib. She’s always been very needy and affectionate, but toward me, it has increased a lot.”

But recently, Penelope has taken this affection to a whole new level. When Juliana sat on the couch one day, the dog approached and focused all of her attention on Mom’s belly. Penelope snuggled and acted as if she knew for sure what was going on in there.

The heartwarming video clip has been viewed 5.5 million times, and it’s easy to see why.

“It’s the first time she’s done this. It was very emotional,” Mom said.

Yep, Penelope already loves her baby sibling and is going to make the best big sister!

h/t The Dodo