People Read Letters To Their Puppies To Tell Them How Much They’ve Changed Their Lives

We communicate with our dogs all the time, and they undoubtedly understand a good amount of what we’re saying to them. But if you could write your pooch letter and he or she could understand every word, what would you say? Would you thank him for his unwavering love and loyalty?

Would you tell her that every day is brighter because she’s by your side? Would you share a laugh while remembering the time he got into something that he wasn’t supposed to?The people in the video below wrote letters to their puppies, touching upon all the joys, smells, messes, laughs, lessons, and responsibilities that their pint-sized pups brought into their lives.

And although they can’t understand every single word, there are some things they must know; they are appreciated and loved, and they’ve changed the lives of their human families – for the better.