Photo Of A Street Dog Snuggling With Toy Reveals A Much Bigger Problem

Homeless and stray dogs are a major problem in many cities. Some cities are fortunate enough to have kind hearted people to band together to form shelters to help resolve this growing problem. Houston is one of those cities. The Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project is a non-profit, no-kill organization that captures and cares for homeless dogs by providing food, vet care and helping them find forever homes.

Recently, a photo began to circulate that opened up the topic to the public. A volunteer who was out and about one day saw a dog cuddling an old toy. It appeared to be a coping strategy for comfort on the rough streets of Houston. She captured this moment in the photograph and it went viral.Volunteers in a rescue van already had it full of stray dogs so they had to come back later to collect the sweet dog.

When they returned later, the dog was gone. However they did meet Calvin, an 89-year old man who claimed it was his dog. He said the dog just escapes every once in a while.

Calvin told the crew that he often takes stray dogs in to help take care of the problem. The volunteers offered to neuter his dogs and help with the costs of the medical care they needed. He gratefully accepted the help.

Houston does indeed have a huge homeless dog problem. And it’s only with the help of volunteers such as those in the non-profit Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project that it’ll get better.

We hope the cuddly stray was found and cared for, either by Calvin or another family. It’s wonderful to know that this organization isn’t fighting this problem on their own.