Photographer Captures Ultra Rare White Baby Reindeer In Norway

An extremely rare white baby deer was recently spotted and it looks like something straight out of a fairytale.
It was spotted in Oslo, Norway by wildlife photography enthusiast Mads Nordsveen.Nature and wildlife photographers are some of the luckiest people out there as they have access to the most amazing spots and unique moments.

“I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this adorable animal.”While the wintery background almost entirely camouflaged the cute deer, the photographer said it made no attempt to hide and even ‘posed’ for some pictures.

Nordsveen shared these beautiful images on his Instagram profile and said, “He almost disappeared into the snow!”

“He came very close to me, and we looked at each other straight in the eyes. After some minutes the mother of the white deer came out of trees just behind. It walked around for some minutes before running back to its mother. It was very magical and a fairy tale moment.”

We don’t deny it!

According to Scandinavian traditions, spotting a white reindeer is considered a sign of good luck.

White reindeer have an uncommon genetic mutation that strips their fur of pigment to allow them to blend into their snowy surroundings.
Unlike albinos, they still have dark pigmentation in their eyes and antlers.

It’s not the first time this photographer/ explorer got lucky to meet wild animals in person.

He also got to meet a Lynx and wolves, both also in Northern Norway.