Pit Bull Finds Forever Home After Almost 2 Long Years Of Waiting

It took pit bull Melvin almost two years to find his forever home.This was because of the stereotype that pit bulls are violent.Bot for his new mom Patricia Nevi-Maguire, who loves and rescues pit bulls, they are just like any other breeds who need love and affection.His long wait is over.Melvin, a pit bull who waited for 667 days, has finally found his forever family.

It took a while because many people think that pit bulls are violent, aggressive dogs. Based on a study, it usually takes three times longer for pit bulls to be adopted compared with other breeds.Melvin also experienced a not-so-pleasant past. When he was four years old, he was found wandering around. Later on, he was transferred to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA), where he stayed for nearly two long years.

Finally, the long wait has come to an end, when he was rescued by a family who exceptionally loves pit bulls. Patricia Nevi-Maguire and her family really care for the breed, with Patricia even admitting that she loves “them to death.”

The pit-bull-loving fur mom has had eight pit bulls. Recently, she lost one, which took her some time to grieve. It wasn’t long before Patricia contacted shelters to find a new dog. When spcaLA told her about Melvin, Patricia quickly decided that she will adopt him, even without seeing him — something that surprised the staff.

“I’m like, I really don’t care what he looks like. As long as he’s a pit bull, I’ll take him,” Patricia shared.

Patricia knew that “many people are nervous about pit bulls,” but she and her family rescue these dogs as not too many pet takers understand them like they do. “They’re the ones that are left there last, so I feel like we’re the ones that need to kind of adopt them and rescue them.”

This stereotype badly affects pit bulls’ chances of adoption. SpcaLA’s director of animal behavior and training, Sara Taylor, said that pit bulls have high energy levels that may be too much for an average person looking for a dog. But Melvin, who was trained and given attention, “didn’t really need behavioral modification,” and only “needed some basic training.”

Patricia understands that most dogs would not behave as expected when they are in a new environment, but they can be taught, which takes time and proper socialization.

“I think so many people get a dog and they assume the very first day it should just melt into your home, know all the rules, and know what you like,” she said.

Melvin, who has been renamed Loki, has been enjoying his life with his pit bull siblings, Tibbs and Luna, ever since his mom brought him home. And he sure knows, he’s gonna stay there for a very, very long time.