Pit Bull Gives Up His Doghouse So Stray Cat Has A Safe Place To Give Birth

Juan Flores took it upon himself to feed a stray cat who’d been roaming the neighborhood. And one day, this cat showed up pregnant. And this is when Juan’s pit bull, Hades, decided to reach out to the feline and lend a helping paw just like his dad!Amazingly, the dog allowed the cat to use the comfort of his doghouse as a place to give birth to her kittens!

Hades made a lot of noise at the door to get Dad’s attention, and Juan came outside to see the act of kindness.Hades dragged her blanket over to the entrance of the doghouse to stand guard and protect the cat. The pit bull watched as the cat delivered two healthy babies! Juan then brought the cat family inside the house where they could properly settle into this new world.

Hades and the cat family bonded over the following months before Juan found the two kittens loving forever homes!

“I think he felt that he was a father,” Juan told The Dodo.

What a gesture by this loving pit bull!