Pit Bull Loves His Pillow Too Much, Treats It Like His Wife

Since a puppy, Draco had been keeping a heart-shaped pillow with arms — a gift from his mom.Being overprotective, he accidentally ripped the pillow when another dog tried to share it.Good thing his grandmother knew how to mend it, making Draco so happy upon seeing it whole again.If this pit bull could marry, he would likely take his heart-shaped pillow with arms as his wife.Anywhere Draco goes, the peculiar pillow is always seen as close as possible.

“If anyone else picks up his pillow he will dart over and grab it,” Allie O’Cain, Draco’s mom, told The Dodo. “He sucks it every single day to fall asleep.”Draco had also been treating his pillow with loving care ever since he got it when he was just two weeks old — the time Allie rescued him from a backyard breeder.

So when his friend, a black Lab named Willow, touched the pillow, he got overprotective and rushed over to Willow to take it back, only to cause it to rip.

The poor pit bull felt so bad upon witnessing his pillow tearing apart, as “he has been so gentle and loving with his pillow.”

Fortunately, Draco’s grandmother saw what was happening and was able to stop it from getting completely torn, assuring Draco that she would fix it.

The grandmother started to restore the pillow with her sewing machine and began the “surgery,” which turned Draco uneasy — seemingly worrying about the condition of his true love.

“He acted as if his wife was in surgery,” Allie wrote on Facebook. “The whole entire time Draco’s head and paws were peeked over. He was whining and trying to reach it with his mouth.”

It seemed that Draco’s bond with his pillow wife isn’t done yet. The pillow got quickly mended and Draco rushed to it, so relieved that it was whole again.

Allie doubts if Draco will ever get over with his childhood toy pillow, especially with how the sentimental pit bull treats it with so much love in his heart.

“Bullies are the exact opposite of what people think,” she said. “They stay babies forever!”