Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Finds Love And Comfort In A Giant Bunny

Mindy Hayes had to be careful bringing a rabbit into her Erie, Pennsylvania, home with her dogs, so she introduced them slowly. But it quickly became apparent that it wouldn’t be a problem for her two-year-old rescue pit bull named Grace.It was an instant bond and connection for Grace and Sophie the rabbit.

Anywhere one would go, the other wouldn’t be far behind. They were inseparable. The dog even started grooming the bunny and snuggling on the couch with her every day!Although Sophie is pretty big, she’s only 11 months old and still has some growing left to do. Adult Flemish giant rabbits can weigh as much as 15 to 20 pounds!

When she stretches out and lies beside Grace, they don’t look all that different in size.

This unique friendship is pretty natural in their household at this point, but people on the outside are always shocked to find out the two are such good friends. Especially since Grace is a pit bull who came from a background of dogfighting.

“Grace had a very rough start to life,” Mindy told The Dodo. “Before she was rescued she had been used for fighting and then was tied up to a tree, left to fend for herself.

Knowing where she came from and to see her be so loving to everyone, especially to a rabbit, is really spreading awareness to who these dogs really are. They are not bad dogs. She wants to be friends with everyone she meets.”

Mindy and her husband feel very fortunate having this special relationship in their lives. It’s something that brings smiles to their faces every day and reminds them that love is not bound by species.