Pittie Puppy Learns To Howl Just Like His Big Bro

Murphy is a Pittie puppy who can’t howl.Murphy loves to copy his big brother Gunner’s every move, and howling is part of it.Gunner, acting like a big brother that he is, patiently taught Murphy how to howl until he is able to!Dogs, just like their hoomans, have idols, too. Take it from Murphy, who fancied his big brother Gunner too much that he wanted to be exactly like him.Gunner, an eight-year-old German shorthaired pointer, and Murphy, a baby Pittie, instantly hit it the moment they saw each other.

Sarah Lee, the fur parent, shared how her dogs are so attached to each other. “Where Gunner goes, Murphy goes. Where Gunner sleeps, Murphy sleeps. They are inseparable.”However, something seemed to be troubling Murphy. While he loves imitating Gunner’s every move, he knew he was missing something.Pitties pretty much don’t howl, but Murphy isn’t the kind to give up easily.

“If Gunner hears a train, ambulance or police siren, he howls at it,” Sarah said. “Initially, Murphy would just watch him and tilt his head from side to side, sometimes sniffing him to see what he was doing.”

Whenever Gunner howls, Murphy would copy him until he was sure he’s doing the very same thing.

Sarah, in her amazement, saw how determined Murphy was, doing everything in his ability to copy (and only copy) his big brother Gunner.

“One day, he started trying and his little muffled whines slowly turned into simultaneous howls with Gunner,” Sarah said.

To her, nothing means more than seeing how her dogs get along so well just like family. Despite their age difference, nothing really comes in between Gunner and Murphy.

“[Gunner] still acts like a puppy, so they will run around our yard smelling anything and everything,” Sarah said. “They sit on the back-deck steps together ‘pawtrolling’ the yard.”

But the best thing about this brotherhood is how Gunner takes his role perfectly as the big brother. He taught Murphy to love Sarah’s kids, and quite frankly, he’s acing it!

“Our dogs are our family,” Sarah said. “We love them unconditionally.”