Protective Cat Keeps Toddler Away From Balcony Railing

When a young boy’s curiosity was about to get him into trouble, their family cat made sure to keep him safe.The 1-year-old boy wanted to see the view beyond their balcony, so he grabbed the railing and tried to pull himself up.The cat kept swatting the kid’s hand and blocked the railing so the boy wouldn’t get himself into any more trouble.Children can be just as curious as pets when exploring their surroundings. But like pets, this curiosity can get them into trouble when they’re left unattended.

In the case of one little boy in Bucaramanga, Colombia, he simply wanted to see the view over their balcony.Fortunately, their family cat was nearby. And the thoughtful cat made sure to keep the 1-year-old toddler safe!Lounging near the ledge beside him was their cat, who could clearly see the view beyond the balcony. The little boy couldn’t see the view himself, though, so he tried to grab onto the railing and pull himself up to a higher vantage point.

But the watchful cat stopped him from doing this and getting into trouble.

The cat gently swats the toddler’s hand every time he reaches for the railing. Undeterred, the little boy moves away from the cat and tries again, but the cat keeps stopping him.

Not wanting the child to continue, the cat unhooks the boy’s hand from the railing and moves onto the ledge to block the boy from trying again.

The boy eventually loses interest, moves away from the balcony, and goes back inside.

The whole exchange was caught on camera and the video was shared on social media. Lots of viewers expressed concern for both the kid and the cat.

Fortunately, the balcony had a visible security mesh that prevents any accidents from happening. The child and the cat were in no danger of falling over.

Still, it was a good thing to know that the cat would do everything to protect its little human brother.