Protective Corgi Takes Her Job As Foster Mom Very Seriously

No baby animals at the rescue farm have to go without a mother because Hannah the corgi has appointed herself to the job, which she takes very seriously.Hannah is a 2-year-old Welsh Corgi who lives on a 40-acre rescue farm. At times, abandoned or rejected babies arrive on the farm and need extra love and care. When that happens, Hannah is always there to help.

Hannah takes her job as foster momma very seriously and will also protect her little babies. It doesn’t matter what species the animal is, Hannah will love and protect the little creature as if it were her own.When other dogs at the rescue get too close to her adopted “kids,” she quickly shows them that they need to back off.

She snarls and shows her teeth but she’s always gentle as a lamb to the animals that she is mothering, even though it’s…

“No one touches my babies!” to the other animals when they get too close.

It doesn’t matter if they are baby chicks, bunnies, piglets, goats, or even a calf, Hannah fosters them all while the other dogs stand back and watch. She won’t even let a curious yet gentle German shepherd get too close even though he’s four times her size.

Whenever a baby needs some TLC, Hannah is there to give lots of love and kisses.

She loves to play with the babies as well as cuddle up with them as if hugging them close to her side. She protects and watches over her babies as all good mothers do.

Hannah is the sweetest most adorable foster mom unless you get too close to her babies. She certainly has helped many animals at the farm and works hard to make sure she takes the best care of them all.