Proud Dad Manages To Get His 17 Dachshunds On The Stairs For Christmas Portrait

Liam Beach, 20, came up with the idea to have a Christmas photo shoot with his 17 Dachshunds as the subjects! It would end up taking some time, but it’d be totally worth it in the end. First, he’d have to get the dogs in their festive jumpers. After that, he’d work on sitting them on the stairs in an orderly fashion.

The proud dad of Buster, Daisy, Wallie, Ziggy, Zac, Bonnie, Duke, Saffie, Diamond, Kizzy, Ruby, Sammy, Kansy, Kiki, Lottie, Benji, and Dudley was up for the challenge!Liam said: “I have done Christmas pictures of the dogs previously dressed up for Xmas on the sofa and thought I need to top them so thought I’d do it on the stairs this year.

“I thought that’s a challenge, so I had to go one better to prove people wrong with the dogs all dressed up ready for Christmas and I thought it would be funny to see them all dressed up in their little outfits.”

When he got the dogs into their outfits, they thought this meant they were going outside and proceeded to run excitedly around the house. But he was able to calm them down 45 minutes later using a squeaky ball and treats!