Pup Throws Adorable Tantrum To Stay Longer At The Park


A parkgoer spotted an elderly woman having a standoff with her furry companion.The pup had wanted to stay longer so she threw an adorable tantrum, which was caught on video.It worked — her owner eventually let her play some more!It was a relaxing afternoon at the park in Amsterdam one day when one of the parkgoers, Max Lukas, noticed someone who was not yet ready to go.

Max and his friends spotted an elderly woman who was visibly frustrated with her companion.Max told The Dodo, “I thought she was struggling with a toddler at first. But it turned out to be a large dog who was refusing to walk.”It looked like the woman had decided it was time to go home — and the pup didn’t want any of that. The dog obviously wanted to stay longer at the park.And so, the pup threw an adorable tantrum for everyone to see.

According to Max, the pup’s adorable tantrum continued for around 15 minutes, more or less.

Max was completely impressed with the pup’s performance.

The pup’s owner eventually had no choice but to indulge her pup’s wishes.

“The dog eventually ran away when she unclipped his lead, which was really funny,” Max shared.

It looked like the pup was suddenly revived as she sprang back to life and went back to playing. The clever plan had succeeded!

Max said, “I filmed it because I thought it was something that nobody would believe me if I told them about it.”

It’s a good thing, then, since the video spread so much laughter and good vibes.

Dogs just wanna have fun!

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